Parenting with love, patience and evidence-based strategies



Preventing tantrums and challenging behaviors

Learn simple and effective preventative strategies based in Behavioral Science to avoid the struggle and increase your confidence as a parent. The class will give you an introduction to understanding behavior and practical tips you can use to encourage positive behaviors and avoid challenging behaviors. Applicable for all parents.


Class Topics include:

  • Understanding behavior- why our children do what they do
  • How Behavioral Science can help parents
  • Arranging the environment to improve behavior
  • Modeling appropriate behavior
  • Teaching replacement behaviors
  • Offering choice
  • Using positive reinforcement
  • Ratio of positive : negative interactions
  • Behavioral momentum
  • Practicing the art of non-reaction


Behavior classes and training for small groups

Do you need behavior support for your daycare, parent group, or school group? Contact me with your behavior concerns and we can schedule a training class to equip your team to handle challenging behaviors with confidence. Training can be designed to address your specific needs as well as general behavior management strategies based in the science of behavior. Small group sessions involve relevant information about behavior issues as well as training and practice in how to effectively use behavior strategies.


If you are interested in hosting a class, please contact me about scheduling.