New Year’s Resolutions – The Season for Behavior-Change!

Posted by   Brianna Z. Kauer   |   Categories :   Behavior Analysis, Health, Motivation, Personal Behavior-Change

When we set a goal for ourselves, it inevitably involves changing our behavior in some way. Science not only gives us wonderful things like smart phones and electric cars but it also gives us reliable ways to understand and change our behaviors in order to improve our lives. Behavioral Science may prove to be our […]

December 31, 2018

How Behavioral Science can support Intrinsic Motivation and Child-led Learning

Posted by   Brianna Z. Kauer   |   Categories :   Behavior Analysis, Child-led learning, Choice, Education, Motivation

  Many educators and parents express concern and even criticism over the usage of external rewards when teaching children. Some claim that the use of these rewards will stifle a child from developing intrinsic motivation. The Science of Behavior has much to offer in this area but it doesn’t always speak the same language as […]

August 27, 2018