Brianna Z. Kauer (owner) specializes in the science of behavior change. She is a licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a master of science in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She worked for over 10 years doing in-home behavior therapy for early autism interventions and has experience working with individuals with a range of abilities. Brianna started Create Behavior Solutions LLC in 2018 and currently serves a wide variety of clients. She is passionate about using the science of behavior to improve lives and help clients make important behavior changes.

Brianna has a background in the arts; she earned her bachelor’s of arts in dance and spent many years performing as a professional dancer. She also has experience organizing a cooperative community school, teaching, writing, and most importantly – mothering her three children. She enjoys spending time with family, growing food in her garden, creative projects and being in nature.

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Brianna Z. Kauer, M.S., BCBA

Julie  writes:  “Brianna knows kids. She has years of experience watching, supporting, and witnessing their growth. She has taught me so much about compassionate parenting, love and support with just the right amount of hand-holding (both for me and my kids!), and creative ideas for allowing our kids to be their best.”

Kelly writes:  “I worked with Brianna for many years! She is consistently a kind and hard working individual who is determined to find solutions that have lasting results for children and their families. On top of being a genuinely good person Brianna has a strong understanding of the principals of behavior and is dedicated to using evidence based interventions to help her clients. Would love to work with her again.”