“CBS saved my parental sanity during one of the hardest years of our life. Individualized parent training solutions helped me tackle specific problem behaviors with my special needs son. These solutions brought peace back into our home”

— Previous Client

“Brianna (owner) and her staff are great listeners and provided us with actionable strategies for our child and for ourselves not just to cope but to thrive. She met us where we were over time and provided us with support and a positive, strength-based approach. She truly empowered us over time so we could handle whatever came our way.

I would recommend Brianna and her staff to any parents and families who need support. Brianna supported us through an incredibly challenging and difficult time in our family and now we are doing much better. We are so thankful for the wonderful support and expertise provided by Brianna to get us to where we are today. We are now able to truly enjoy our children and family time and we are taking good care of ourselves.”

— Previous Client

“The education and interventions that were taught to help prevent and de-escalate behaviors was AMAZING, in not only working with my son, but also when communicating with others.”

— Previous Client

“Brianna is the best there is! She has helped our family more times than I can count. No matter the problem, she was always ready with a solution. She’s a very patient, caring, and understanding person and I felt like I could talk to her about anything, which I really appreciate! She was amazing with our kids and we’ve learned so much from working with her, skills we still use to this day.”

— Previous Client

“Create Behavior Solutions is the first place I think of when the parents I work with are wanting assistance around how best to support their child when it comes to regulation, routine, flexibility and other concerns.  With confidence, I refer a family to CBS.  The families I work with report that they feel supported and validated. Together with the therapist, they find solutions. I would recommend Create Behavior Solutions to anyone that is looking for support and creative ideas around challenges they may be feeling when supporting their child.”

— Dane County CLTS Case Manager

“In working with CLTS families, CBS’s behavioral consultation services have provided parents a space to discuss concerns, challenges, hopes, and fears, while giving them the tools and behavioral approaches to support them in feeling more confident in navigating day-to-day parenting. The weekly sessions provide an opportunity for parents, and other caregivers to collaborate together, and feel supported in their parenting role while learning tools and behavioral approaches that help reduce caregiver stress and maximize their resiliency. Services are individualized/tailored to each family and focus on specific behavioral challenges, and goals they have for their family. Whether a parent needs help brainstorming ideas to help their child to more easily transition/move through their morning or evening routines, ideas/approaches for potty training, or learning self-regulation strategies when faced with challenging behavior, CBS is there to provide support!”

— Dane County CLTS Case Manager

“As a public school special educator of 30 years, I’ve had many different experiences working with many different outside providers. Brianna has absolutely been the best behavioral therapist I have had the privilege of teaming with. Brianna was incredibly helpful to me as a teacher. She provided the piece that is often missing in the educational arena with some students (and their families) with challenging lives. I learned a lot from Brianna and I always felt comfortable sharing the challenges as well as areas of growth with her. Her expertise was invaluable, but what I appreciate the most is her honest and open style of communication. Brianna is dependable, knowledgeable and a really lovely human being!”

— Dane County Special Education Teacher

“Create Behavior Solutions has been wonderful to work with. As a case manager, I receive many inquiries on how to receive continued support after intensive therapy ends. I am a strong supporter of parent advocacy and continued parent training. Parents are the ones who are with children when therapy ends. Create Behavior Solutions has helped bridge this gap. The knowledge each behavior consultant brings has been helpful to many of the parents I support from decreasing challenging behaviors, increasing ADL independence, and increasing safety, to further understanding a child’s behaviors as they grow. The behavior consultants at Create Behavior Solutions continue to offer support to families from young kids to teenagers, offering the flexibility that work with busy schedules. I thank you for all you do!”

— Dane County CLTS Case Manger

Parent feedback is very important to us. All clients are asked to fill out feedback forms during and after services. The above testimonials from “previous clients” are pulled from their post-service feedback form and shared with their permission.

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