Frequently Asked Questions

How long do parents usually work with you?

Generally we work together on a weekly basis for about 4 months followed by monthly sessions if needed.

How long are sessions?

Sessions range from 60-90 minutes.

What will we do during a session?

We start off by getting to know you and your family – what are the things that are most important to you and what are the things you’d like to see improve. Sessions are a mix of talking, listening, problem-solving, goal setting and working to meet your individual needs. Depending on the family’s needs and preferences we may focus on one area more than another.

Common training topics include; how to prevent and respond to a specific behavior of concern, basic behavior management strategies (and how to use them with your child), basic principles of behavior (understanding the science of behavior), methods for tracking behaviors, ways to identify behavior patterns in your child and yourself. We also provide general support for parents using an acceptance and commitment therapy approach; if parents are willing, we may practice some acceptance and mindfulness-based exercises together.

Our goal is to build skills and encourage flexible thinking for kids and parents.

My child is neurodivergent; how can you help?

We believe it is important to celebrate and support neuro-divergent kids (and their parents). Every family’s needs are unique—there are no cookie-cutter solutions—support systems should always be individualized.

Does my child need to be present during sessions?

No, sessions are geared towards parents. Kids who would like to be present are welcome to join; sometimes it can be helpful to get their participation and input. We also understand that multi-tasking is part of parenting and if parents need to meet children’s immediate needs during a session that is fine.

My child doesn’t have major behavioral issues, but I feel stressed out about parenting. Can you help?

Yes, all parents/guardians deserve support. You don’t have to wait until things get bad, prevention is better than finding yourself in a crisis.

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not take insurance. CBS is an approved provider for Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Waiver. And we also offer a private pay option.

Do you collaborate with school teams, respite and other therapists?

Yes, collaboration is an important part of supporting families with complex needs.

How do I know this will change my child’s behavior?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee or magic wand; behavior is complex.

However, parents will not only be given strategies and tools for influencing their child’s behavior (which most often results in positive change) but they will also be given support with their own behaviors as a parent. Changing your own parenting patterns is difficult, and behavior-change strategies based on science provide the best chance for progress.

What if my child’s behavior doesn’t get better?

When facing difficult circumstances, it’s important to focus on what is within your control and what is outside your control.

Sometimes, as a parent, you can be doing everything within your power to help your child and they still struggle. CBS helps parents develop skills to be flexible and resilient. Parents need support to find their own coping strategies in order to walk through difficult circumstances and continue to do the important work of parenting even when it isn’t easy. We help parents identify ways to help themselves and ways to connect to what motivates them. Learning mindfulness skills can help parents behave in ways that are consistent with their values and goals.

The aim is to practice accepting what is, while continuing to take actions towards what is important to you even in the face of struggles.

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